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So I've been working on researching and putting together what I'm calling
#PostcardField Trip. This idea is that we travel the world through books,
virtual tours and resources, and postcards that I send home. I'm working on
this for k-12. The biggest issue I'm running into is having Own Voices
books for a lot of countries and even the U.S. territories. For instance, I
have found Juana and Lucas Big Problemas for Bolivia, but not much for many
other South American countries. I can find books set in Africa, but they
are often not country specific (often because they are not Own Voices) OR
if they are Own Voices, they are often no longer in print. I have checked
We Need Diverse Books (and Google), which has given me a lot of help, but I
am still stuck for a lot of countries. Any other suggestions or ideas for
places or ways to research?

For the older kids, often the books I can find about other countries tend
to be history books or about major events. I do want this, BUT I also want
books about joy and happiness and everyday life! Good middle school and ya
books that are set there and by Own Voices authors. (Luckily, we have a few
great books on the Lincoln this year that help!)

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