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Renee Kozeal renee.kozeal at phs-il.org
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I forgot to say that we are allowing students to place holds in our
catalog. We pull the books and take them, along with any ILL books that
kids have ordered, out to one of their teachers. I have also put a Book
Request Form (Google Form) on our webpage for kids who don't remember how
to place holds or who want a recommendation. Anyway, we are keeping up with
this so far. Remote students pick up and drop off books in the vestibule of
our main entrance which we arrange with them through email .

Renee Kozeal
Princeton HS

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 11:41 AM Renee Kozeal <renee.kozeal at phs-il.org>

> We have been on an blended schedule since our first day and haven't closed
> once. Unfortunately, the administration told me that I would be closed
> during our shortened school day and open in the afternoon for students to
> come in after classes are over for the day (no one comes in, of course). I
> am to go to classrooms to work with teachers and have done that. I did ask
> if I could allow 1-2 students at a time from a class to come in to checkout
> books if the teacher wanted to send them. I did get approval for that. The
> first business I had was our freshmen lit classes. We are not allowing
> students to browse on their own and touch books. So, to prepare, I filled
> the tops of our low bookshelves with genre displays that are loaded with
> sure hits. This way, if a student wants a "sports book" or a "mystery" we
> go walk around that display, and I do mini booktalks to help them choose a
> book. Sometimes we get back to the regular shelves if my interview
> questions take us there. But this has worked pretty well so far. We just
> keep the displays full of winners.
> We have a few students assigned to us that are doing online classes
> independently on our "Blue" days. Otherwise, we don't get much traffic as
> the kids are pretty shut down in the classrooms with little time between
> classes. I recently asked our administration if we could reevaluate having
> classes come in to do research if we take very careful steps. One of our
> English teachers went with me to advocate for this opportunity. Crossing my
> fingers!
> Renee Kozeal
> Princeton HS
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 11:01 AM Amy Phillips via AISLE <
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>> Good morning.
>> I'm looking for some help and information from other high school
>> libraries that have had students return to school in-person. My district is
>> looking to start bringing students back on to campus for 2nd Quarter, and I
>> want to make sure my procedures for the library are up to date for COVID
>> and are reasonable. I created a plan over the summer, but I know things
>> have changed slightly, which is why I'm looking at all of this again.
>> My questions specifically are:
>>    - Are you allowing students into the library to use the space (study
>>    hall/free period/etc.)? What are your expectations and procedures for that?
>>    Anything different than pre-COVID?
>>    - Are you allowing students to browse the collection, or only place
>>    holds and library staff retrieve books? I am currently doing curbside
>>    pickup and plan to continue that and have hold pickups in the library, but
>>    I know my students normally like to browse.
>>    - Anything you wish you had in place BEFORE students returned?
>> Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
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