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Sue Meegan smeegan75 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 12:31:44 CST 2021

I work in a K-5 building.  We have been remote for the entire first
semester and children have not been able to check out books.  About 40% of
our kids are coming in-person starting the 3rd week of January and I'm
writing a proposal for book check out.  I reread the emails from the summer
and fall while most of you were trying to figure this out and I'm wondering
how it is going.  How is taking a cart to the classrooms working?  Do any
of you have kids come to the library?  Does that work well?  For those of
you on a hybrid schedule, how do you get books into the hands of remote

I just can't imagine having time for all the requests and reshelving and
making sure the books are quarantined for 3 days, etc.  I still have to
teach library lessons too.

Any feedback on how it is working for you is very much appreciated!

Thank you,
Sue Meegan
Hoover Elementary
District 157
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