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We are hybrid but we've managed to make book checkout work.  It is a
challenge and I'm exhausted, but thankfully it is allowing books to get
into their hands.
We are a K-4 school and I do have an assistant.  Very helpful.
We pull books based on a simple interest survey for K-2.  We put a tag on
it with their name and teacher's name and put a ribbon on it (a parent
volunteered to write out the names on the tags by class so it saved us a
lot of time). We put the books lined up in the hallway so each student gets
a "surprise" when he or she comes into school. We do it once a week. The
kids return the books into a bin outside each grade level hallway.  I wear
gloves and put them on a table for quarantine for 3 days.  I have 5 tables
for each day of the week.  The books don't always come back and I do have
kids with up to 3-4 books out but I have to say, I'm not stressing over
that as almost all books are returned by year's end.  We send home
reminders and if out over a month call home for a reminder.  That helps get
them back.
Grade 3 and 4 put books on HOLD in Destiny and each morning whoever has a
book on hold, we pull it, check it out to the student, put a tag and ribbon
and place it in the hallway for when they enter school.
Lots of running around and sometimes there's a mess up with the book the
student wanted; however, we have found the kids are getting a lot more
exposure to different books and genres and we are thinking about how we can
continue this or some form of this when we all return in person, hopefully
in the Fall.

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> I work in a K-5 building.  We have been remote for the entire first
> semester and children have not been able to check out books.  About 40% of
> our kids are coming in-person starting the 3rd week of January and I'm
> writing a proposal for book check out.  I reread the emails from the summer
> and fall while most of you were trying to figure this out and I'm wondering
> how it is going.  How is taking a cart to the classrooms working?  Do any
> of you have kids come to the library?  Does that work well?  For those of
> you on a hybrid schedule, how do you get books into the hands of remote
> students?
> I just can't imagine having time for all the requests and reshelving and
> making sure the books are quarantined for 3 days, etc.  I still have to
> teach library lessons too.
> Any feedback on how it is working for you is very much appreciated!
> Thank you,
> Sue Meegan
> Hoover Elementary
> District 157
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