[aisle] Temporary Collection in Follett - Ideas Please

Melissa Lambert loydmeli at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 10:46:25 CST 2021

Hi All,

I have to pack up my entire high school library by March 16th for
renovations. I will move back into my space next fall.

For the rest of this school year I will be in a space that is smaller than
an average classroom and I will have to move out of that space by mid-June.

I really have not had a lot of students checking out books this year (as
much as I have tried to force it on them) so I am only keeping a small
collection in the temporary library of about 500 books.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for how I should reflect
this in our catalog. We use Follett. I tried creating a resource list and
then a collection in Destiny Discover but there is a limit of 100 books. I
thought about checking out all books that are being boxed up to a new
patron that I would title storage but I can't seem to think of a quick way
to do that without scanning every book.

Anyone have any great ideas?

Thanks for your help!
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