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Stephanie Flott flotts at dwight.k12.il.us
Thu Jan 14 12:30:51 CST 2021

Thanks to an unfortunate flooding situation in August, I am getting all new
flooring in my library.  Thank goodness none of the books were damaged!!
While doing the flooring, they decided that they were going to move the
circulation desk to put the new flooring under it, and I have convinced
them to replace it with something newer and smaller 😁  I also have to
empty all of the shelves at the same time, so they can move the shelves to
replace the flooring under the shelves.

Since I have all new lighting, flooring, and a new circulation desk, I am
thinking that I need an all new arrangement for the library, and I am
looking into a grant to purchase all new shelving.  I am terrible at
visualizing where to put things.

Would anyone have a recommendation of someone who can come and recommend a
floor plan and possible pricing for new shelving?


*Stephanie Flott*

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