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Tue Jun 29 12:30:38 CDT 2021

Hello everyone,

We have had a lot of questions regarding Bluestem nominated book *Project
Z: A Zombie Ate My Homework* being out of print. Tommy Greenwald, the
author of the book, did some research and he shared this information for
anyone who is trying to find copies:

Schools may order the books directly from us either using their Scholastic
Dollars currency or with a PO or credit card.

*Scholastic Dollar Account* -

If they have Scholastic Dollars account, they can call 800-799-READ(7323)
and place an SD order. They should be part of one of these branches I think.

*No Scholastic Dollar Account* –

Without SD…they can email SBF_Book_Orders at scholatic.com  *(NOTE: there are
underscores_between SBF and Book)*

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Kelli Boyer, at
KBoyer at Scholastic.com.

We hope this helps!

Just a reminder, we are always accepting book nominations. If you would
like to nominate a book for the Bluestem List, you may do so here Bluestem
Nomination Form


Kimberly Hazel-Rudden

Bluestem Publicity Co-Chair

*The Bluestem Award - Illinois' 3-5 Children's Choice Reading Award*
*Sponsored by *
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