[ISLMA-Share] To Dust Jacket or Not?

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Thu Aug 17 14:08:56 CDT 2017

I am starting my 2nd year going between schools in our district. The one
I've been at for many years (middle school) always uses dust jacket covers
for hardcover books. The other (elementary school) just tosses the jacket
and puts spine labels, special stickers, etc (with label covers over them)
directly on the book cover.

Do you all still use dust jacket covers? I think they protect the books
better, but I'm debating whether the time/cost is worth covering all these
books, if I just replace the well-loved books as needed. I do buy Follett
bound when available, but often I don't want to wait for popular books to
come out in this format.


*Carrie DeForest*
*National Board Certified Teacher*
Library Media Specialist
Roselle District 12
cdeforest at sd12.org
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