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I know it's super old, but we do The Outsiders with our 8th graders every
year and they love it.

All kinds of kids can relate to it for some reason!

-Mariela Siegert

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Hello all.  I have an 8th grade teacher asking for help in finding a
contemporary read for her classes.  She is looking for the perfect book for
her 8th graders – something that will highly engage both males and females,
have characters which reflect the diverse student body in our school, and
be fairly contemporary. We looked at the class sets of books available in
the district and she isn’t excited about anything (although *The Outsiders *may
work).  She is really struggling because she just doesn’t feel like her
students are connecting with anything.  I only work PT in this school, so
don’t know the kids well either.

This is for a Title I school with a very high percentage of Hispanic
students with unstable and troubled home lives.

Suggestions for a classroom read?  I will most likely have to somehow come
up with a classroom set of the book, so I am hoping to help her find
something perfect that she will love!

Thank you!

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