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We scan students' IDs to mark them as in the library in Skyward (which
takes their attendance), but only when they are here for study hall.  We
also have all students fill out a Google form which has their name and the
reason they are in the library (study hall, before/after school, lunch,
sent by a teacher).  This form allows us to see how many students use the
library during certain times of day and who is here (which also allows us
to double check attendance if the office or student has an issue).  It's
not a perfect system, as many students will forget to sign in, but it seems
to work for us.

Amy Phillips
Riverside Brookfield High School
Library Media Specialist
aebromberg at gmail.com
phillipsa at rbhs208.net

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> Hi Everyone,
> I have question....
> How do you have students check in and out of the library when they come
> during study halls, lunch and advisory?
> Do you use pen and paper passes?  Do you have a scanning system that
> accounts for students?
> Do you pay for that or do you use something free?
> I am having problems with keeping tabs with who is in the apace,
> especially when deans or students with passes to guidance come in.
> Any help would be awesome!
> Dawn Scuderi
> Lemont Hight School #210
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