[aisle] Water damage insurance claim

Shelley Daugherty sdaugherty2006 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 14:35:54 CDT 2019

Hello members,

I have a question that I am wondering if there is some ideas out there that
would be the best way to approach this issue.  Our school did abatement
this summer so I had to pack up my entire library.  Upon return we found
that I had at least 31 boxes that are filled with water damaged/moldy
books.  As we all know, we have many books on our shelves that are out of
print or difficult to find.  But I have to have prices to attach to these
because it is an insurance claim against the company who did the work which
included putting in new A/C throughout the school.

Any guidance would be  greatly appreciated!

Shelley Daugherty
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