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Ann Marie Jinkins ajinkins at rthsd212.org
Wed Sep 16 09:28:10 CDT 2020

After four weeks of our hybrid in-person/remote schedule, parents and
students have made it clear that the two-hour pick-up window through the
main office once a week for any materials (textbooks, art supplies, library
books, etc.) was not working. This week we've opened it up to pick-up any
day between 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The vestibule between security doors at
the main office is set up with tables where departments leave items clearly
labeled with the students' names for pick-up. My cart is there with three
boxes: outgoing books, returning books, and the ILL delivery bin.

Through the main office door camera, the secretaries can determine if it's
a visitor or if they need to go out to hand an item to a student. The
secretaries prefer this method rather than tracking down materials from
teachers when a parent shows up outside that narrow pick-up window.

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> Hi All,
> We have a hybrid/in person schedule. However, some of our parents have
> chosen to keep their kids at home for remote learning. We're working on a
> way for students to pick up their books curbside. Right now, after students
> request their book, we've schedule an hour one day a week for parents to
> swing by and pick up the books. I've learned having only one set hour a
> week isn't  going to really work.
> I suppose we could add a second day with an afternoon time, and kids could
> choose which time is best. I don't want to put books in the office
> for parents to pick up; the office is busy enough. Putting the labeled
> books on a cart outside the entrance would be a possibility. But we run the
> risk of someone picking up the wrong books or anyone grabbing something off
> the cart. I know evening is probably easier for parents, but none of us can
> stay after school hours for this. And again, if we leave the cart outside
> in the evening, we run into the same issues as above.
> Any thoughts? How are you doing book pick up?
> Thanks!
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