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I do have students check in/out.  I use a Google Form and share it with all
teachers, the nurse, study hall supervisors and attendance,  Students stay
with me for the duration of the hour unless there is a signed pass from a
teacher to leave the library.  I keep a chrome book at both ends of my
library dedicated to the sign in job-- two entrances (not cool, but it is
reality for now)  My dream is when Google will allow a search for a
name.... I keep all the logs of sign in for the semester--transfer each
days students to another tab that carries the full week so there is a tab
for every week in the semester.  I use it for my stats as well.

I hope we move to positive attendance with Skyward some day. :)  That would
have students log in with their ids as they enter each room, thus tracking

Kristine Schauff, Media Specialist
Rock Falls High School
101 - 12th Ave.
Rock Falls, IL 61071
schauffk at rfhs301.org

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> Hi Everyone,
> I have question....
> How do you have students check in and out of the library when they come
> during study halls, lunch and advisory?
> Do you use pen and paper passes?  Do you have a scanning system that
> accounts for students?
> Do you pay for that or do you use something free?
> I am having problems with keeping tabs with who is in the apace,
> especially when deans or students with passes to guidance come in.
> Any help would be awesome!
> Dawn Scuderi
> Lemont Hight School #210
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