[aisle] Tagging iPad Bricks and Cords

Karrie Fisher kfisher at roycemoreschool.org
Wed May 29 08:31:20 CDT 2019

We are 1:1 with Chromebooks.  We tag both the charging cable and Chromebook
so there is no confusion about whose is whose.  Our tech coordinator keeps
track of everything.  I think it's a big job even though they are tagged.
Kids are expected to charge their Chromebooks at home.  We have a few extra
chargers at school that kids can borrow when they have failed to charge
their Chromebook at home.  We also have a few lender Chromebooks because
inevitably kids forget their Chromebooks at home.

We provide laptops for our faculty and those are bar coded with the same
bar codes I use for library materials.  The laptops are checked out to the
faculty and show up on their library account.  It works really well.  I
just need to renew their laptops each year for a year.  No biggie.

Happily Ever After,

Karrie Fisher
Librarian/Media Center Specialist

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On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 8:10 AM Amy Bendall via AISLE <
aisle at list.railslibraries.info> wrote:

> Hi,
> Our district recently went 1:1 with iPads and it has been a complete *disaster
> *as far as collecting cords and cables.
> Instead of insisting that all chargers go home, the district gave the kids
> a choice (oh and did I mention none of it was barcoded or tagged in any way
> that it was school property) so the kids just took each other’s and now we
> are trying to collect them (LOL).
> I know we are not the first school to roll out 1:1 with iPads. How does
> your school handle the brick and cord? Are both pieces tagged? Do they all
> go home? How do they charge them at school?
> Thank you! We definitely need some work and since no one else is trying to
> solve this debacle, I am putting it on myself to solve :☺
> Thanks,
> Amy
> Amy Bendall
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